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Personal Loans (4)

Personal Loans

A personal loan is the method of borrowing funds from banks, credit unions, online lenders, friends, or relatives with an agreed-upon payment term and may or may not require collateral.

  • Pros

  • A swift way of settling loans

  • A short-term method of settling debts

  • Cons

  • May have a long turnaround period

  • May result in larger interest rates


Consolidating debt means taking out a big loan to pay off all other smaller loans for a much smaller monthly payment plan and usually with lesser interest rates.

  • Pros

  • No collateral needed

  • No collateral needed

  • Upfront and direct method of settling debts

  • Cons

  • May lower your credit score rating

  • May result to prolonged payment terms

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Third-party agencies usually reach out to creditors on behalf of a debtor to agree on a settlement offer that is potentially lower than the original amount being owed to resolve an entire debt.

  • Pros

  • A quick and practical solution for debt repayment

  • You no longer need to deal with creditors directly

  • You can potentially pay less than what you originally owed

  • Cons

  • Some creditors may not be open to settling

  • Debt Settlement Is Not A Legally Enforceable Right

  • Smaller monthly payments but longer payment terms and higher interest rates